The School of Economics, Tourism and Development Studies was formally established during the years of 2005 and 2006. It was renamed in 2007 the School of Economics Development and Tourism.  It currently comprises of three departments:


The director of the School is Prof. Ncwadi who was appointed with effect from 2019. Prof Mishi acting head of the Department of Economics, Prof Margo heads the Department of Development Studies, and Dr Shireen van Zyl heads the Department of Tourism Management.

The School of Economics Development and Tourism represents a unique and exciting initiative in South and Southern African. It brings together the disciplinary focus of Economics, and the advanced interdisciplinary span of Development Studies. In addition it provides highly relevant and vocationally rich programmes in Tourism Management at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. These three departments have a special synergy which expresses itself in a range of current and pending academic programmes (both undergraduate and post-graduate), as well as in relevant and leading-edge scholarly and contract research activities.