The School of Economics, Development and Tourism comprises of three departments; namely; Department of Economics, Department of Development Studies and Department of Tourism.  

The School of Economics Development and Tourism represents a unique and exciting initiative in South and Southern African.  It brings together the disciplinary focus of Economics, and the advanced interdisciplinary span of Development Studies. In addition it provides highly relevant and vocationally rich programmes in Tourism Management at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. These three departments have a special synergy which expresses itself in a range of current and pending academic programmes (both undergraduate and postgraduate), as well as in relevant and leading-edge scholarly and contract research activities.

The School of Economics, Development and Tourism vision is to put forward strategies for economic growth and development not only in response to changing needs but also as an active and participating agent to drive intellectual, social and economic changes locally and abroad.  The school achieves this through engaging in socially relevant research with a specific focus on socio-economic projects and policy related matters. Its research capacity is bolstered by Postdoc research; Research Associates, a range of PhD students including its highly qualified academic staff. The transformative curriculum programmes in the three departments of the School is informed by continuous community engagements and applied research to meet the labour market demands.

Contact information
Ms Judy Keir
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 041-5042209